Tax Planning

For more than a decade, LTC staff have been advising corporate clients on issues that benefit from our extensive technical background. Engineers with strong tax, financial accounting and legal backgrounds communicate clearly with attorneys, accountants and management in a language they are familiar with. Our experienced staff can assist with development of  tax strategies that take advantage new and existing tax laws and legislation.


IRS Representation

LTC provides support for federal income tax audits, appeals, and related litigation from complete management and staffing of the audit process to specialty issue support and expert witness testimony. Lambert Tax Consultants, LLC has staff knowledgeable with the workings of the IRS, experienced with resolution of large dollar income tax issues, and familiar with providing testimony and the adversarial process of audit resolution.


Estate Tax Services

Estate Tax Services focuses primarily on the valuation of oil and gas properties and negotiations with estate auditors. Our staffing includes Registered Petroleum Engineers experienced in oil and gas property valuation. We have significant experience negotiating at the examination level as well as settling valuation issues in Appeals and with Counsel.


EOR Tax Credits

For the past 15 years, LTC personnel have been involved with advising EOR operators on how to optimize their EOR tax credit position, plan for potential IRS audits of the credits, and effectively dealing with IRS audits. We have established EOR tax credit policy for major oil companies as well as independents, and assisted in claims for more than $500 million in EOR tax credits. 

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